Dive with Maldives Passions, the best place in Maafushi


Reef Shark, Maldives.

There is such a wonderful place for diving in Maldives. That place is called Maldives Passions and is located in Maafushi island. You can find it very close to the harbour. Once at the office you probably will meet Adam, the owner of this Diving School. He is very funny and friendly. The same happens with the two other Dive Masters from the School, Jinah and Mohamed.



If you are looking for getting your Open Water or Advanced dive certificated, that is the right place to stay. Also, you will get a lot of fun if your are and experienced diver and you just want to discover the Maldivian deep sea, full of life. Maldives Passions has some great offers, you just need to check it. We decided to do six dives, so we did two each day, during three days.



The meeting point is at the harbour at 8.25 am, so you are supposed to star sailing by the boat at 8.30am. Once at the boat, apart from Mohamed, Adam and Jinah, divers are always assited at any time by one crew member and also for the captain. Dive Masters gave us the briefing before every dive we made. The instructions are always clear and it makes you feel safe and comfortable before going into the water. Every time the boat crew were checking our oxigen tanks, cleaning our masks, helping you dressing the BCD, etc.



Because of the strong currrents of the sea, in every each dive we made, Mohamed or Jinah, the Dive Masters first jumped into the water just for check the right place for diving. And they spent as much time it was necessary just to make sure that the dive was going to be a great experience.


buceo 11

and Kandooma-Thila. Diving at the last place was amazing. We saw more than 10 Grey Reef Sharks, more than four Eagle Ray, Tuna fishes, Napoleon fishes, etc. We just cough a piece of coral and we were dealing with the strong current. But the scene was wonderful: big sharks every where and very close to us!





buceo 18

At Losfushi Corner we saw two Green Turtle. In my case I could follow one big turtle on its way to the surface for a while. It was extraordinary! We could also see fishes as: Oriental Sweet Lips, Peacock Gropuer, Schooling Banner fish, Red-Toothed Trigger fishe, more Eagle Rays, Clown Trigger fish, a lot of giant Morenas, Giant Trevally, etc.





Undoubtedly diving wiht Maldives Passions was one of the best diving experience we have ever made. We brought wiht us very good memories of our dives and also the good times we spent with the crew and the Dive Masters, Mohamed an Jinah. We strongly recommend this place!


After last dive with Dive Masters Mohamed and Jinah, Maldives.

From left to right side: Diego, Esther, Jinah, Malasian girl and Mohamed, at Maldives Passions, in Maafushi (Maldives).

From left to right side: Diego, Esther, Jinah, Malasian girl and Mohamed, at Maldives Passions, in Maafushi (Maldives).

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